Custom Envelopes & Holders

If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, TIE Officemates makes it easy to customize.

For special projects customize a sewn job jacket to meet your specific requirements.

Custom Job Jacket/Envelope Examples
Custom Job Jacket/Envelope Examples

Create a Custom Envelope or Job Jacket in 3 easy steps:
Customize - Step 1

Know the measurements of the document(s) you want to insert
Customize - Step 2

Choose the opening (open long side or open short side)
Customize - Step 3

Determine: Number of pockets, flaps, gusset sides, grommets and color

  • Once we have your custom dimensions we will provide a FREE pre-production sample
  • Please note: Minimum order quantity for custom sewn Job Jackets/Envelope is 50 pieces

Contact our Customer Service Specialists at 800-238-3957 to discuss your idea and options!