Heat Sealed Shop Ticket Holders, Job Ticket Holders
& Vinyl Envelopes

Heat Sealed Vinyl Envelopes
Selection of Heat Sealed Envelopes

  • Heat Sealed Vinyl Envelopes are essential to the sales and production floors, warehouse and office
  • Keep sales literature, work orders, job tickets, location IDís and the multitude of office documents clean and organized
  • Each envelope is constructed from flexible and durable 8-Gauge ultra clear vinyl
  • Choose size and opening direction (short side or long side)
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Standard Heat Sealed

Standard Heat Sealed Vinyl Envelopes

  • Reinforced Heat Sealed eyelet in Header
  • Constructed with durable 8 gauge vinyl


Note: Sizes are
"inside dimensions" and designed to hold documents
printed at that specific size

(Short Side)

(Long Side)

4" x 6" OR 6" x 4"

(Inside Dimensions)

6" x 9" OR 9" x 6"

(Inside Dimensions)

8 1/2" x 11" OR 11" x 8 1/2"

(Inside Dimensions)

9" x 12" OR 12" x 9"

(Inside Dimensions)

11" x 17" OR 17" x 11"

(Inside Dimensions)